Cleaning vs. Disinfecting Do You Know The Difference?

Cleaning is usually accomplished with a soap based cleaner and the physical removal of dirt and grime from a surface. While this does remove some of the germs on a surface, which then lowers the amount of germs and the risk of spreading, it does not actually kill the germs.

Disinfecting on the other hand is most often accomplished by using chemicals to kill germs on a surface. However, it does not actually clean the surface which can make it less effective if there is a build up of any kind.

It's important to complete both cleaning and disinfecting for optimal results. Start with cleaning the surface, picking up items, dusting, scrubbing soap scum, removing dirt and organic matter. Germs can hide underneath dirt and other material on a surface which makes them unaffected by disinfectant. Cleaning first ensures that germs are not hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied, making this duo the perfect combination!

With the spread of germs during times like these, it's incredibly important to be cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces daily in household common areas. These areas could include door handles, toys, phones, television remotes, keyboards, game controllers, computers/tablets, light switches, bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures.

Always follow manufactures instructions for application and proper ventilation when using any chemical and be sure to never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser.

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