After taking time to carefully watch what's happening in Canada and Calgary we are happy to announce Serenity Clean will be re opening our cleaning service effective May 1st. 

We will be taking every precaution to keep your family and our teams safe. Here's how we plan to do it:

  • All teams will be wearing face masks, face shields, gloves and shoe booties.

  • Every job/client will have a tub that will have everything from cloths to cleaning solutions that will be needed. Teams will not be bringing buckets from one job to the next.

  • Vacuums and attachments will be disinfected between clients.

  • If the client chooses, we are more than happy to use your vacuum.

  • Teams will not be bringing mops and buckets. We ask clients to have them on hand for our use.

  • We hope to eliminate anything that does not need to be moved from home to home.

We have added a Government of Canada approved disinfectant to our line up of cleaning solutions and our teams will be making sure to disinfect all your high touch surfaces. Staff will not be permitted to work if they have any cold or flu like symptoms and we request clients to inform and cancel/re book their cleans if anyone in the household has cold or flu like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone that is sick.

Keeping with the social distancing we request that clients are away from their homes during cleans. We will do our best to make sure we have exact times of arrival and will text clients to let them know when we have finished up their clean.

We understand this will be challenging with people working from home and children being home and we really appreciate your help in making this happen. We hope this is only temporary.

We are all very excited to get back to doing what we love and can't wait to see you all!

Stay safe and continue to wash your hands!

-Serenity Clean



Serenity Clean is an independent residential, commercial, and Airbnb cleaning service operating in Calgary and surrounding communities.

Our difference is in our approach, as we strive to create spaces that bring positive energy and elevate the lives of those who live within them. 

Weeding out junk, polishing home ware to sparkle and eliminating chaos and clutter can bring new life to your environment. At Serenity Clean, we see a clean space as an opportunity for peace of mind in the home, and most of all serenity


Our cleaners are equipped with everything they need from HEPA-filter vacuums to microfibre cloths and cleaning products. We use products that are locally produced, plant-based biodegradable and cruelty free, which keeps safety at front of mind for you and your family. 

Serenity Clean’s individualized cleaning program is designed to suit customer needs, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Each customer is provided with a cleaning checklist unique to them, that will ensure their individual needs are continually met. 


Comprehensive range of customized cleaning services:

Rental property (Airbnb)

Move in/ move out cleaning

Routine cleaning for weekly or biweekly services

Commercial properties

Specialized series such as windows, oven, fridges and organization

Spring and fall cleaning

Express clean for washrooms, kitchens, etc.

One-time cleaning for events or medical temporary assistance

Contact us today for your cleaning experience!

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Call or text us now ! 587.434.7186


Call or text us now ! 587.434.7186

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